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Streaming On Twitch vs YouTube – What’s Best?

Streaming on Twitch vs YouTube
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May 07, 2023 · 7 min read

The streaming platform that you decide to broadcast on can have a HUGE impact on your success. Streaming on Twitch vs YouTube might be the difference between you hitting the big leagues instead of never being able to break through. Streamers that live stream on Twitch might have a vastly different experience to those streaming similar content on YouTube. Content creators have been flocking to both platforms in search of the high viewer numbers that both sites can generate. But what’s best for you?

Choosing a suitable platform is often the first step new streamers make before they launch into creating a Twitch channel or YouTube channel. However, some people are a bit sceptical about setting up their creative endeavours on a platform that’s going to take a chunk of your earnings. But there’s a reason that you don’t see new streamers streaming from an independent site.

If the downfall of Microsoft’s Mixer platform has taught us anything it’s that you can’t simply set up a new streaming platform and let the content creators and streamers do the rest. Although there are a few platforms out there, including Facebook Gaming, the two main guns at this point in time are Twitch TV and YouTube.

Let’s dive into streaming on Twitch vs YouTube to find out which platform could potentially catapult you to success.

Streaming on Twitch

One of the main reasons that people often consider Twitch over other live streaming services is that they’ve proven they can bring many eyeballs to your content. Unfortunately, platforms like Facebook Gaming just don’t have the same live streaming audience that Twitch has, particularly for video game streams.

Thanks to the intuitive and easy to use interface, setting up your stream on Twitch can be done in a couple of hours. But before you rush in and set up a new channel, you should keep in mind that Twitch focuses on video games. A quick look at the home page on Twitch TV will tell you that the leading Twitch streams are primarily gaming-focused.

That’s not to say that you can’t create a new channel where you live stream your baking creations. But you might not see the success that you were hoping for.

Streaming on Youtube Vs Twitch

Bringing in Viewer Numbers

One of the most popular ways that people find new streamers to watch (apart from the featured homepage streamers) is through searching through popular games that they want to see gameplay of. So chances are if you’re streaming a particular game that has garnered a lot of interest, there’s probably a large number of people playing the same game.

That’s the catch. The allure of more potential viewers often makes people forget that you’ll have intense competition too. Whereas, if you stream a relatively unknown game, the average number of viewers will be lower, but your chances of being the top streamer for that game are much higher. It’s all about finding that sweet spot in streaming the content that you’re interested in as well as what other Twitch users want to see.

Streaming on YouTube

Although there is a YouTube Gaming section, the platform itself is more encouraging of all types of content (not just video games). Having said that, live streams of popular games are still some of the most-watched channels on the platform. YouTube Gaming used to have its own separate app, but it now lives on the main platform itself, making it easier for the millions of people watching YouTube to find your live stream.

One benefit over Twitch is that the complex algorithm of YouTube can help in showcasing your live stream to different people on the platform. However, much like Twitch, it can be difficult to gain attention when you’re just starting out. Another option that YouTube offers is that you have the ability to create regular videos instead of just live streaming every day (unlike Twitch users.)

Although you might like live streaming, you can mix up your content and offer new ways of attracting viewers, by posting regular videos on your channel. Or you might have some old pre-recorded videos that are sitting on your hard drive that you’d like to get some use out of. YouTube channels offer creators to post more dynamic content in comparison to Twitch, so keep this in mind

Can You Stream on Both YouTube and Twitch?

Some people have attempted to stream on multiple platforms at once, including others such as Microsoft’s Mixer (now non-existent) and Facebook Gaming. It is possible to stream on YouTube and Twitch at the same time through a number of different external applications. Once you have everything set up in OBS then you can stream to multiple platforms at once through something like for example.

Note: Once you surpass Twitch’s affiliate program and move on to become a Twitch partner, you won’t be able to stream on multiple platforms as part of the partner program agreement.

youtube stream overlays

Let’s Talk Money – How much can you really make on both platforms?

Here are the juicy bits. Most people want to know exactly how much money you can potentially earn on each platform. Where the money goes, people will follow (and vice versa). Streaming on Twitch vs YouTube can result in varying levels of income. The good news is that both Twitch and YouTube can be quite lucrative when it comes to making ad revenue from your live streams. But there are different ways that streamers can make money from their live streams on each platform.

Twitch Streamers typically make more money on the platform when compared to YouTube or Facebook Gaming as Twitch users are more open to donate and subscribe to live streams on the platform. Whereas on YouTube, content creators have noticed that their Super Chat donations aren’t as frequent. Plus with YouTube taking a hefty 30% of these donations, many streamers are keen to set up a new channel on Twitch where they pocket their earnings from the donation systems they implement.

If you are struggling to see the growth you’re hoping for, check out our guide on how to grow a Twitch channel.

What about ad revenue?

Although donations are the best way to support creators, with many Twitch streamers and those streaming on YouTube live raking in a healthy paycheck each month, another primary revenue stream is through ad revenue. The equation is simple here. The more viewers you have, the more ad revenue you’re going to make. Many streamers find that with this numbers game, they’ll see their income increase exponentially as their stream attracts new viewers and has a higher average number of concurrent viewers.

Making the Right Choice For Your Live Stream

Don’t feel the need to rush in and start streaming straight away. Streaming on Twitch vs YouTube will be different depending on what type of streamer you are. Take the time to understand each platform before you decide on the right choice for your channel.

  1. Examine what types of content you want to be streaming and who would be interested in it.
  2. Understand where your ideal audience spends their time.
  3. Formulate a strategy around the exact value that you’re going to be providing to these viewers.

Once you’ve given all of these aspects a proper analysis, you’re ready to take the next step! If you are just starting out, make sure to check out our guide on how to start streaming.

Don’t Forget Your Overlays!

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