How to Decide What Game to Stream in 2020, in 5 minutes or less

How to Decide What Game to Stream in 2020, in 5 minutes or less

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Oct 20, 2020 · 4 min read

Unsure of what game you should stream but are serious about a good choice? Then you’re in the right place. There are many ways to bring down the seemingly endless amount of games into a few solid options through the use of statistics and basic understanding. Here we have compiled the best tips for narrowing down which game is a perfect choice for you.

What Makes a Game a Good Choice?

If you are looking to get results when streaming then you can’t go and stream any odd game. To trim down the selection you need to look at basic factors that affect the potential viewership that the game can bring. Viewers aren’t going to be looking for any random or old game that doesn’t already have a following so we can take this understanding and use it. Narrow the selection down towards games that currently are popular or have a dedicated audience to give yourself the best chance at growing an audience. Most of the factors follow this same line of logic; age required games will cut out potential viewers who are younger, old broken games don’t see much attention, etc. The most important statistic you should take note of is to find a game that has a good following but isn’t completely full of people trying to stream it as your name will be lost in the sea of names. Next, we will be looking at your skill level- instead of the games themselves.

Can You Play The Game At A Competitive Level?

When you browse games that have a large current view rate, most often you will find a game that has a strong competitive side. So why do these games do so well? Humans are always trying to improve in whatever they love, from hobbies to competitive games, this means they will be looking for information. One of the best ways to improve in a game is to analyze people who are already good at the said game and see how they play. If there is a game you can play at a high competitive level then you should absolutely take the opportunity and choose that as the game you should stream.

What Games You Should Avoid!

When looking for what games to stream there are a few that you should avoid considering. We discussed earlier the sort of game that is perfect, but some of these might still not be quite the best bet. You might think “why don’t I just play games that have large amounts of viewers?”. Going down this route is a very popular trap. All the games with large amounts of viewers have a supply and demand problem where there are too many trying to take advantage of the viewers, ultimately saturating the category. Unless its a game you already have an advantage in to gain viewers, like skill or exclusivity then you should look to other categories.

Compromise Between Enjoyment And Potential

Here’s the thing about choosing a game that looks to be perfect for you. If you don’t enjoy playing it then the viewers won’t enjoy it either. Your emotions towards a game affect how you act during your stream. If you are not having fun then you will come off as someone people won’t want to watch. Instead what you should do is find a game that falls into the ballpark of what is a good choice and pick the game that you enjoy the most, this way you can have fun while playing and have the best chance at growing your viewer base.

Get out and get it!

Choosing a game for yourself should not be a daunting choice with little to no compromise. You as the streamer are the most important factor. Making sure that you have a solid grasp on the basics of how to start streaming as well as dedication are going to be your best chances of making a name for yourself in the streaming community. If you consider everything stated above in your decision then you won’t go wrong with your choice. Remember to keep your attitude up and be consistent with your streaming schedule.

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