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How To Install A Stream Overlay On OBS [2020]

how to install a stream on OBS
Streamplay Graphics

Oct 07, 2020 · 3 min read

So you got your new overlay, your broadcasting software and your determination, but you are stuck on how to combine them together. If you haven’t heard, Streamlabs OBS is OBS’s dedicated software to streamers that gives you in-depth customisable options while keeping it flashy. For a lot of people, especially new streamers, this software can be quite daunting with its compact design built for professionals who know the tools of the trade. That’s why we included all the basics on how to install an OBS stream overlay so you can get to streaming immediately.

If you haven’t read the “how to start streaming” article we have then you should after this. It teaches you everything you need to understand about getting into the streaming environment as knowing the software is just one ingredient in the cake. 

Adding Scenes

First things first, before you can get to adding everything from your overlay you need to set up your scenes. Scenes are like folders that hold specific parts like images, gifs, widgets, etc and are perfect if you easily add in your different overlays for when starting soon or having an intermission. When you first start there will automatically be one there but if you want to add extra just click the plus button.

adding scenes to OBS

Sources Are Your Best Friend

Sources are going to be your go-to place when customising your stream in pretty much every way that isn’t mechanical. Here is where you will find all the areas that your overlay will relate to, from importing images to alerts. For most areas, you can just click the plus button and then choose what you need but for certain additions, it can be done in an easier way.

OBS sources

Drag And Drop

Drag and drop is an option that everyone loves as it makes it much easier to design and add images/gifs/mp4s thanks to its efficient design and understandable method. Just like you expect, images, mp4s and gifs can be directly pulled into the application. Also, by holding the CTRL key you can resize it at a consistent rate.

drag and drop - overlay for OBS


Where Streamplay OBS excels is its customizability to give you full control of all your alerts, also known as widgets. By clicking the plus button in sources you will be presented with all the different widgets such as displaying followers, event list, viewer count, tips, etc. After adding one you can right-click it -> properties and apply your overlay package designs.

OBS widgets


The standard follows the same rules as the widgets but is more like the essentials than nice accents to your stream. Using these will allow you to show your screen, games, webcams and more. The same process as widgets, add it in -> right-click -> properties and apply your overlay design.

OBS sources properties

Is Steamlabs OBS Your Choice?

Streamlabs OBS is easily considered one of the best choices for broadcasting software. With the motivated team constantly working on it and giving it updates, that won’t change anytime soon. Taking in new updates, features and additions they have kept the traction ball rolling. The only question is with their main competitor having just as dedicated a team over at XSplit, is their throne being challenged? Read about which one reigns supreme and figure out which of the two options you should choose. Until then you should install a stream overlay on OBS and become a streamer today.

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