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Simple Twitch Overlays for Your Stream

simple twitch overlays
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Dec 04, 2019 · 5 min read

Finding the right overlay and graphics for your stream is never easy. Popular streamers reach both ends of the spectrum; completely decked out to hardly anything but a camera.

So what is the best option? How can you be sure that the decision you make is right?

Like most things in life, there isn’t really a best decision. However, experimenting with simple overlays is the best way to understand what you’re looking for in your stream’s design. Do you want something with a modern feel? What about a retro aesthetic?

Whatever you’re looking for, here are a few awesome overlay ideas that are on the simpler side and perfect for as both a starting design and a primary one!

Simple Blue Overlay Package

preview of the blue stream overlay graphics

This blue stream package is a popular one, and for good reason. It comes with a clear and professional blue aesthetic, one fit for anyone that is focusing on their stream’s gameplay.

If you’re looking for a clear and concise brand, one that doesn’t try to flaunt too much, you’re looking at the right overlay. Simple designs allow for more freedom in terms of stream branding and sponsorships.

With less visual clutter you’re able to include additional elements, like an extra image or two, without ruining the aesthetic. This package also comes with multiple screens for different moments of the stream, like an offline banner and away screen.

The best part? If this color isn’t exactly what you’re looking for it can be easily customized to a different beautiful version. You can also pick and choose whatever elements you want! As long as you keep a cohesive appearance, the flexibility with this package is there.

Ascension Overlays

twitch streamer overlay package

If you’re looking for sleek and focused, the ascension stream package is the perfect choice for you. This simple package takes advantage of the strong red shades to create a vibrant and powerful stream that will capture anyone’s attention!

Like the blue stream package, the ascension package has a focus on gameplay and professional appearance, and even has a section to add your streams chat overlay to the intermission screen. The simplicity in design means you can keep your viewers focused on the stream without having too much visual clutter.

This style of overlay also comes with an animated display, showing off just enough flare without going overboard! Animation in overlays is a great add-on, just make sure not to go too far with it when working on a design.

If you’re looking to tune-up and and add complexity to this overlay, dark blacks and red fit great into the already warm aesthetic. You can also consider adding other orange or light brown elements if you want something warm instead of hot!

Automatic Motion Stream Overlays

stream overlay package

This automatic motion stream package is excellent for being the middle ground between a simpler and complex overlay. It has a metallic, futuristic aesthetic with plenty of animated screens and aspects for someone trying to spice up their stream!

If you’ve decided to experiment with more complex features than the previous two packages, this is the perfect fit for you. The pairing of an advanced, mechanical aesthetic with animated features reminds viewers about how far the streaming world has come!

Like most packages, placement and feature selection is entirely customizable to your own preferences. You should feel encouraged to test out everything until you find what fits your stream the best.

Making the step into animated overlays isn’t necessary. However, it is important to be open and dabble in different versions and variations of overlays in order to figure out what exactly fits you.

While the standard color scheme is interesting, other cool colors like green may be an alternative if you’re trying to distinguish yourself even more.

Deadlock Stream Package

The last overlay package on our list is the deadlock stream package. It’s the ultimate package, boasting the most individual features and assets to add to your overlay.

If you’re torn between a certain display style for your donations or subscribers, this package offers options to cover different bases for different streamers. Plus, it comes with beautifully animated features for a diverse array of graphics.

Like the ascension stream package, this aesthetic and color scheme fit a serious and focused stream for gameplay and professional vibes. The dark reds and blacks feel like you’re watching a serious gamer!

It’s hard to match the customization of a package like this. With every feature being optional, the range of possibilities really encompasses a simple or complex set-up. If you aren’t feeling the dark reds, try replacing them with another intense color like dark blue or purple.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Four diverse and interesting overlay designs that range from simple to complex. Each of these packages are completely customizable, with removable features and changeable colors to match any stream.

If you’re having trouble choosing, we’ve got you covered. We suggest looking into the deadlock stream package simply because it has the most versatility out of the list. Tons of different options means you’ll have the best array of tools to make your overlay.

Moving forward, don’t worry too much about perfection immediately. You’ll be able to get feedback from your viewers while testing everything out!

Simple overlays don’t have to mean that you’re lazy or don’t want to put the time and effort into a stream design. Simplicity and minimalist design highlight your personality and gameplay without distracting the viewer. As long as you work on the core of your stream, a simple overlay can go a long way.

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