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Oct 29, 2019 · 7 min read

Whether you’re new to streaming or just trying to figure out the best way to grow as a streamer, branding is an essential part of your journey.

Its impossible to ignore branding because it is, in some respects, something you cannot control. But what does that mean anyway?

First off, branding isn’t easy. No matter how much effort and time you put into creating your ideal brand, there will always been a person who doesn’t like the designs or alert noises that you do.

Luckily, streamers know this feeling well. Understanding your target audience and meeting goals that you set yourself will lead to a healthy stream, brand included.

Here’s a few tips that’ll help anyone looking to improve their Twitch brand:

Figure Out Your Brand Goals

What kind of audience am I trying to attract? Am I streaming full-time or part-time? What kind of sponsorships am I aiming for? These are the kind of questions you’ll want to ask yourself when determining your stream and branding goals.

The audience that primarily views your streams is the most important resource and aspect of your stream. Your viewers are what make you rise and fall as a streamer, so understanding them is necessary to your brand.

If my viewers are teenagers and young adults, like for Ninja or Tfue, what kind of language should I use on stream? Should I avoid cursing? Should I try to curse more to appear young and rebellious?

There aren’t completely right or wrong answers to any of these questions. Learning what kind of person you want to present yourself as is a major goal to figure out during the branding process.

Staying different and unique is also an important part of keeping a brand. Being able to stay relatable while distinguishing yourself from others is key to growth and success.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to figure out or set this goal for yourself. Taking feedback from viewers and friends while trying new approaches to streaming are the best way to find the best fit for you.

Sponsors are also looking at your audience, probably more than you are. There’s a reason that most streamers are sponsored by video game franchises and energy drinks rather than metalworking or vacuum cleaners.

No matter what sponsor you’re aiming for, being presentable and consistent is sought after from anyone working with you.

Keep in Mind Your Presentability and Online Presence

Speaking of being presentable, what does it mean to be presentable online? Everybody who uses the internet leaves traces of themselves in the ways they interact with the community, especially regarding social media.

During the hiring process, potential employees sometimes disable or privatize their social media accounts to avoid awkward conversations of feelings from an employer. In a sense, the same thing happens with your stream, but in a reversed way!

Unlike an accounting or law firm, streamers are expected to have a sense of self and personality that reflects in their social media.

People want to see you interacting with other people on Twitter, especially if you’re bringing parts of your stream into your online presence! Don’t be afraid to meme and tweet about random things.

But at the same time, don’t go overboard. If you’re growing consistently as a streamer its better to avoid controversial topics and debates unless that’s the basis of your stream.

Generally, making major statements might have a positive response from your audience while having a negative response from potential sponsors.

It’s easier for partners to advertise on a streamer focused on streaming instead of having a large social impact.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t say what you want! As long as you stay aware of how you’re voicing and presenting yourself, you’re in the clear.

Heavily Consider your Stream’s Appearance and Graphics

The aesthetic and design of your stream is crucial to nail down early on. Too much re-branding and graphical changes to your stream can leave viewers frustrated and confused.

If you started streaming with fun, doodle-y art in your Twitch and Twitter bio, or you used something basic from one of those overlay makers, you could certainly consider an upgrade to professionally done art.

Check out our overlay ideas guide here.

The best part about working with a talented graphic artist is that they can sometimes help you figure out your aesthetic before you do!

Let’s take a look at two different Twitch bios:


This is Aphromoo’s Twitch bio. He’s a player for 100 Thieves and carries much of their aesthetic and overall appearance.

This is made even more clear by the professionally designed panels. However, he doesn’t put many words or descriptions for his channel.

So, what can we assume from this? As a viewer and potential consumer, you can guess that Aphromoo is streaming as a part of a team.

This is obvious to fans since they know his status, but we can also assume that he focuses more on gameplay and high-level play rather than an entertainment experience.


This is part of Sodapoppin’s Twitch bio. There’s more, but this more or less encompasses the idea and theme of the stream.

The differences between the two streamers and their overall approach is clearly different!

As a viewer, we can assume that Soda is not only more transparent with his audience but wants a close connection with his viewers.

If you spend an hour in both of these streamers’ chat, you’ll notice just how much more Soda interacts with his viewers.

So, Soda is the clear winner for better graphics and appearance, right? Well, not exactly.

Both of these streamers have minimal designed graphics and an appearance that mirrors their intent and purpose for streaming.

People who watch Soda aren’t always there to see him destroy players (unless he’s playing WoW PVP, in which case he is definitely destroying players).

They’re watching so that they can be a part of a larger community. The warm mascot and heavily information-based bio make this apparent.

Aphromoo isn’t as worried about creating a unique streaming community with his stream. He already has a fanbase among the League of Legends community and his team.

The clear and concise minimalist twitch panels is commonly seen among intense, game-focused streamers who aim to show their skill and stream personal practice.

Most Importantly, Stay True and Consistent

Amazing graphics and a professional, morally gray Twitter aren’t going to make your stream magically pop-off in viewers.

However, constantly aligning yourself with a set of brand goals will make you think about your image and presence. That’s what matters the most!

If you’re unsure of what’s best for you, start from the beginning. Once you understand your own goals when it comes to streaming, the branding goals are just another way to reinforce those goals.

Keep in mind that there never is going to be a right or better way to stream. The field is diverse and huge, meaning that creativity and distinguishing yourself matter more than a sponsorship for a newer streamer.

If you can find a niche for yourself, aligning with your brand goals comes second.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’ve learned a bit about stream branding and how you fit into that world!

As long as you’re thinking about how your stream is being perceived, you’re on the right track to branding yourself.

If you can figure out one completely unique factor for your stream, be it a donation noise or art style, you’ll be that much closer to your dream sponsorship.


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