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Mar 30, 2020 · 5 min read

Graphics that you use on your stream are part of its “face”, or rather what you are presenting to the viewer. And when it comes to the graphics that you use for your stream, it’s important to present a united and consistent front.

Having consistent branding across your entire Twitch stream makes a better, more memorable impression on a first-time visitor. On top of that, it can make your stream look quite a lot more professional, which is important if you want to take your streaming career (or hobby!) seriously.

All streamers, whether new or experienced, have some sort of idea of what they want for their stream. This is also true when it comes to how they might want their channel to look.

What may vary is just what exactly streamers want to use in their interfaces and their productions. For example, some streamers may want “stream starting” graphics or videos. Others like having ending screens as well. And then, you have streamers who like having a BRB screen for intermissions – and for good reason.

Twitch BRB screens are useful for many reasons. Let’s take a look at them today.

Why Use a BRB Screen?

There are a number of reasons why BRB screens should be a part of your stream production. Here are some of them:

  • You can step away from your computer without worrying what people will see in the background.
  • It helps to make your stream look more professional while you take a quick break.
  • You can put announcements on the BRB screen if you want, by adding a text overlay on OBS
  • A good intermission screen can tell new visitors who you are and what your stream is about

As you can see, there are many ways in which a BRB screen can help you. And if you’re looking for a BRB screen to round your stream out, we’ve got quite a few!

Animated Intermission/BRB Screen

If you need to quickly go AFK or if you want to step away, you can try using this Animated Intermission/BRB Screen. This screen is simple, clean, and can be customized with your Twitch username. The screen is a light sky blue with a lens flare, making it look like you’re looking up at the sky. It’s a fantastic choice if you want a screen to help lighten the mood a bit.

The first text that appears on the screen is “Intermission”, and then it will transition to “Be Right Back” with your username on top. It’s an ideal choice for people who just want a simple BRB screen, given that it’s simple and can fit practically any theme.

This screen can be purchased as is. You will also get an editable file If you want to change some of the features included. Otherwise, you can simply pay a small extra fee to have us customize everything just how you want it.

Pulse Animated Stream Scenes

pulse green animated twitch scene

Next up, you have the Pulse Animated Scene package. If green is your color of choice, you’ll love what this pack has to offer. With your purchase you get a “stream starting” screen, a “be right back” screen, and a “stream ending” screen. Each can have some custom text at the bottom if you please. This set is perfect if you’re looking to add something interesting to your stream while simultaneously making your channel look a lot more professional.

You can purchase this set as is, with editable files in case you want to customize the text at the bottom. Or, you can pay a small extra fee to have it customized for you.

For this set of graphics, you will have to add your own music if you want some intermission audio in the background.

Glitch Animated Stream Scenes

Glitch Animated Stream Scene Package

Last but certainly not the least is the Glitch Animated Stream Pack. Like the above pack, this one also includes three screens: starting, be right back, and ending. However, what makes this pack different is it looks a lot more modern, and it has a unique style that can really impress your viewers.

It has a glitchy effect on the text, accompanied by a sound effect in the background. However, you can mute the sound effects if you don’t want them going off while the screens are up.

These screens are a perfect way to unify your stream’s graphics. Coupled with a similarly themed overlay, your stream will end up looking incredibly professional.

This pack can be purchased as is, including editable files so you can customize the text. Or, you can pay a small fee to get everything done for you.

Get Overlay Packages

If you’d rather purchase a full overlay package so that literally everything you have will match, you certainly can. Overlay packages come with everything you need from Twitch BRB screens to webcam frames to alerts and – you guessed it, even your stream’s panels. You can check out some overlay packages below:

Final Thoughts

A good Twitch BRB screen that goes well with your stream’s branding can really make you look like a professional. This will allow people to take you more seriously as they can see the amount of work you put into your stream’s production value. Plus hey, BRB screens are just really convenient, too!

Regardless of whether you use an intermission screen on its own or if you use one that comes in an overlay pack, you’ll surely enjoy the benefits of having one. It’s extremely easy to set up so you can go AFK with no worries!

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